A Musical Hobby

Below are some samples of some of my first attempts at song writing. Some of them were first recorded in the late 70's and some much more recently. I apologize for the quality in sound and musicianship. Although I first took up guitar many years ago, it has been an occasional hobby at best and never perfected. Nevertheless, these songs are my own which I composed and performed. I tried to keep the files of reasonable length so they would not take too much time to download each. Unfortunately this meant taking a sample of most of the songs rather than playing back the whole thing. My plans are to expand this site to include more of my music and hopefully get better at this! This is my first attempt at sound on my website (so be gentle).

All of the files below are 1.26MB. Each file will take about 3 minutes to download and play. This website is optimized for Microsoft Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player. Both are free downloads on the Microsoft site.

I'm no maestro, but these songs are all composed, played and in one case, sang (sorry about that) by myself. I won't get any grammy but maybe it will entertain someone. I had fun!