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Welcome to the Windblock! Here reason and honesty reign supreme!

The goal for this web site is to help friends, relatives or anyone else who may be interested, to understand me a little better and hopefully promote understanding on perceptions associated with organized religion, Humanism, Atheism and freethought philosophies. The genuine truth seeking mind continues to grow and evolve throughout it's lifetime, never regressing, but remaining open to new truth with the spirit of Reason and the Scientific Method as it's guide!

UPDATE August 2012:

For more than 15 years this website has been my personal outlet to the world about the mind virus of religion and the unhealthy ideas it promotes. It doesn't matter which religion you believe in. It is a collection of lies that have gained an unhealthy footing in your brain. It retards your ability to think critically and objectively. Especially if you live in the United States you have probably been indoctrinated with religion since chilhood. Perhaps you and your friends and family have built an entire identity around this religion. American society constantly reinforces this fantasy in the entertainment you enjoy, the news you watch and patriotic messages you recieve. But is it TRUE? The short answer is no! God is simply a cultural construct which varies with each culture. There is much variation even within the same culture. In the United States alone there is a mind numbing variance on what is thought to be God, what his (or her) attributes are and what he (or she) wants! But even a cursory examination of this notion of an all powerfull, all knowing supreme being is wrought with contradiction and absurdity! For example: much is said about "Gods Will". Indeed there are contradictory notions of this within the Christian religion alone. But wait! In a universe governed by an all powerful, all knowing being, literally nothing could happen without his consent! The so called "Fall of Man" doesn't get you off the hook because this god would have known before hand what the outcome would be and, with that knowledge, everything was made anyway. So you see, either you must believe that nothing is evil or this god is the very author of evil!

Of course there is a simple answer to this problem. God is the product of the imaginations of ancient desert cave dwelling tribes with no understanding of modern science and a very limited understanding of human nature. The so called "bible" is simply a collection of translated writings of unknown authorship which date back to a time when the world was believed to be flat. Scholarly examination of these writings do not yeild what the average believer thinks. Remember "the Jesus Seminar"? It was a commitee of scholars, the mission of which was to discover the evidence for a real Jesus in history. The conclusion? Inconclusive! This is not unexpected. Many scholars of the bible become skeptics and atheists. There is actually very little evidence for a real Jesus. Nothing in the bible written about Jesus was written during his supposed lifetime. The few references from other sources have been called into question by scholars too. Read up! The more you know about religion, the more likely it is that you will regect it! Many believers would be shocked to know that there are athiests in the clergy! Many have come out but the ones who stay in are afraid of the consequences and frankly many find the business of religion to be quite lucrative. There are still many gullable sheep who are only too willing to keep buying the lies. Some members of the clergy unfortunately would not know how to make an honest living.

It's ironic that believers often accuse those with different views as being engadged in a "War on Religion". There have been and continue to be religious wars which have been resposible for much bloodshed in the name of one god or another (i.e. Hitler was a Christian fascist, not an atheist). Want to know what a "War on Religion" would look like? It would not involve bloodshed. A War on Religion would be a systematic and accurate, mandatory religious education! No, I didn't say indoctrination. It would be educating the public about what scholars have known for centuries and continue to learn. It would involve exploring origins of the god idea and origins of doctrines within each religion. Accurate education is the dire enemy of superstition! Wouldn't that be nice!

Much damage has been done and continues to be done in the name of one god or another. The net results include impediments to positive progress in science and human development. Either facts are important to you or your faith is. You cannot have it both ways. People of faith generally are not interested in any facts that disturb their religious assumptions. They try to change the rules of science to reflect what they believe, all the while benefiting from scientific advancements in medicine and technology. The only way to knowledge is through objective observation. Facts discovered must be followed wherever they lead no matter how inconvenient or disturbing they may seem. We must recognize and properly identify our problems first if there is ever going to be any hope of solving them. This means thinking beyond doctrinal brainwashing. This is what the Scientific Method is about. It's about discovering how things work. It's the business of learning the true nature of the universe. Once you begin to truly discover reality, it's far more fascinating than fantasy! It's past time for the Human Race to grow up. Reality will not change with your denial of it but our survival as a species depends on our grasp of it now more than ever!

Human Beings have the ability to reason, which charges us to behave in a responsible manner toward other persons and toward our environment, the Earth! Humanists are not motivated by the promise (or threat) of an "afterlife". All are born and all will die. The time in between is our time to leave our legacy. This much is certain! Therefore we are convinced that our concerns for the welfare of Humanity are genuine and pure. No threat of a hell hangs over us and the satisfaction of being a part of something good is it's own reward!

Everything we see, we see it through Human eyes. Everything we know is known through a Human mind! Humankind has come a long way from it's primative beginnings to where we are now! Have we had help along the way? Who can say? If so, the helpers remain curiously elusive to us! Even if so, the question would remain: "Where did the helpers come from?" On pondering the "Origin of Life", a reasonable mind understands that Science is the only honest approach because it


We don't accept that we need to be "saved" from ourselves. Humankind is not perfect but we believe we have the resources and the abilities to progress, evolve and thrive! With all our faults, it seems to be working. We think it can be better! Our faith is that it will be! Historically, gods have always been the invention of Man, born from Human ignorance and superstition. No exceptions have come to light thus far. Therefore we believe it is imperative that we must take control and accept the responsibility for our own lives. We don't pretend to know all the answers to Life but we do know it is worth preservation!

What then is the purpose for "Life"?

It's to LIVE!

May the FORCE be with you!

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If you have not already done so, please be sure to visit my Candle's Light page which is my detailed examination of nearly every religious question ever posed to me! Before you preach to me, check there. Chances are I have already considered your statements and addressed them. Most Atheists have.

The following links are good sources for additional information concerning the Freethought mindset and philosophy. Though I cannot claim resposibility for their content you can be sure I've examined these sites and find the views expressed to be mostly in harmony with my own or you would not see their link here.

I have been a proud member of American Atheists for many years and I hope you will visit the American Atheist News Flash segment below for continuously updated information concerning State and Church separation issues!

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  • CFI Community of Indiana The Center for Inquiry is dedicated to the defense of Reason, Science and freedom of inquiry in all areas of human endeavor. Especially in Indiana, we are very fortunate to have an active local CFI Community. If you live in or near the Central Indiana area and want an alternative to faith based centers, you are encouraged to join us!

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There have beenrefuges from the winds of ignorance found thus far!


This is my very courageous daughter and very special grandsons!

Updated March 4, 2015